that the most alienating thing you can do is not drink alcohol?  At least at the age of 22.  My not being a social person has allowed me to get this far without throwing up my hands and saying, “OK, what the fuck is this really about?”

I want someone to give me reasons for the moderate consumption of alcohol.  Perhaps also a small argument for the relevance of bars.

I am not a person who just does things for the sake of doing them.  Caffeine became a mainstay in my life because I worked two jobs (one of them at Starbucks) while going to school full time and was fucking exhausted.  Now, coffee is necessary so that I don’t get a massive headache.  Alcohol?  A pressing need for it has never come up despite many bouts of melancholy and the condescension of friends and family who don’t understand why I don’t understand alcohol.

Right now I’m considering drinking (despite the empty calories!) and liveblogging my experience.  Recommendations for what type(s) of alcohol, and in what amounts are very welcome.  I have no desire to become incoherent, but perhaps just experience this “buzz” people are always mentioning.


2 Responses to “DID YOU KNOW…”

  1. 1 wess May 27, 2008 at 9:06 am

    I don’t drink that much either, but I do enjoy it. I like dry red wines, good beers (think micro-brews), and even some whiskey here and there. I almost always limit myself to two drinks, I drink them slow and enjoy them. Bars? I don’t go that often, they’re too expensive for me, but I do like having some friends over for dinner and drinking a little wine, or having some of my seminary buddies over and smoking a pipe with a little something. I was never attracted to the over-consumption of alcohol and I also don’t like the extra cost, those are my moderating features I guess. Anyways, I’m not sure if you don’t drink that you need to, but if you do, it’s not hard to be moderate about it.

  2. 2 aliciadk May 27, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Thanks for your take, Wess. A lot of what you say makes sense, and as I think I wrote in the last post about how I don’t get alcohol, if the manner in which the people I know consumed was similar to yours, it probably wouldn’t stress me out so much. I don’t like bars and/or parties, and that’s where people tend to do their drinking. Whenever I’m around friends who are drinking, they’re annoying.

    The only reason I make a big fuss about it is that it’s alienating, because other people are uncomfortable drinking around me and I also don’t do the whole bar/party thing and it has weakened friendships. My idea to liveblog a drinking experience is mostly to amuse myself, and also to understand the appeal. While I’d drink pretty much anything that would pair well with a meal, drinking for the sake of drinking doesn’t appeal to me but I want to try to understand those who do so I can stop thinking it’s just a way for people to cover up insecurities… and thus a means to not keep it real, and keeping it real is kind of my thing. Haha.

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