Just Purchased: Weird English by Evelyn Nien-Ming Ch’ien

Weird English Chi\'enYesterday I started reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  It blew me away within pages, and what especially impresses me is his use of language.  His ability to weave Spanish in seamlessly, to create pristine literary fiction with a casual tone that uses profanity naturally, creates original and real characters.  Out of curiousity I looked at his Wikipedia page and saw that suggested further reading included a chapter titled “The Shit That’s Other: Junot Diaz” in Ch’ien’s book.  The title of the chapter, combining the casual and the theoretical (as I strive to do), grabbed me and I had to have this book.

The Amazon blurb on it says that “weird English” is defined as “a linguistic style that… revolts against Standard English, thus depriving it of its dominance. It breaks the rules of English grammar with its “aesthetic adventurousness.”  I realized then that this person had sort of written the book/article/whatever I wanted to write about Spanish/English interweaving and its postcolonial implications, but it’s OK as long as she didn’t do anything with The Mars Volta.  As far as I can tell she doesn’t even write about Gloria Anzaldua, so it seems she is focused on fiction.

This book appeals to my core interests.  I am so excited!


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