A Workday Exchange

A discussion of illegal immigration happened while waiting for a meeting to start, and though I tried as hard as I possibly could not to say anything, eventually I had to note that I’d never met nor seen any of the mythical “illegals” they were speaking of and with whom they had obviously had so much deep interaction. When told to drive down a certain road at a certain hour I said, “Well, you can’t know someone’s ‘legality’ by looking at them.” And you know what I got?

“You’re obviously a Democrat, so…”

Apparently, not judging a person’s citizenship status by the color of their skin and their occupation makes me a Democrat. Thus, this Republican made the statement that that sort of judgement is a core part of his and his party’s political beliefs. Good to know the world is so black and white these days… I could’ve said that I identify as a leftist and the Democratic Party is actually to the right of my political ideal, but that wouldn’t have gotten anyone anywhere.


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