It was a short affair, and it always left me feeling insecure.  Blogging in this manner is not for me, and is not conducive to my “serious” writing as I would always feel like I needed to write something quasi-meaningful here in order to impress… someone? and then my “real work” would suffer.  I suppose I became a bit enamored of “bloggers” for a time, thinking I could do it… but I can’t.  I’m too entrenched in the idea of the literary for this quick regurgitation of a medium to work for me.  But it works for others, and it’s great!

I use tumblr now, aliciadk.com.  Random little bits of whatever are perfect for me.  As I’ve been keeping an online diary since I was 15 I don’t think the compulsion to share will ever leave me… I’ve been successfully warped by the internets.

Bye WordPress!  I really tried!


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