Why Blog?

This question was asked rhetorically yesterday, and after sleeping on it I realized why I do feel inclined to publicly post the minutiae of my life, and it is the same reason that I write in general: to give structure to my experiences. Incredibly basic, yes. Maybe it’s just my bad memory, which both forgets and distorts, but without taking notes and subsequently chronicling my experiences, I feel lost. I’ve kept a journal since I was a kid and started doing so online when I was 15, and it has just never gotten old for me. I still write in a paper notebook (in fact, 4), and it’s why my other blog (which I’m trying to keep completely separate from everything else) is called “A Pathological Writer.” Though my output of fiction and other “publishable” writing isn’t what I’d like it to be, I’m constantly in the act, and that is satisfying to me. Having an experience and not writing about it isn’t satisfying to me, basically, whether I do it publicly or privately. So, that’s why this place exists.


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