Pacha Massive and Ximena Sariñana, 4/19/09

Pacha Massive

Pacha Massive

Last night I went to SOB’s, a venue I’d never been to before. The seated areas were closed off for those who had them reserved or others who wanted to spend a fortune on bottles, there are two large cement columns in the middle of the place, and there was something off about the sound on the vocals, but it’s certainly not the worst place I’ve gone to see a show. Considering that it is the place to go for “world” music, respect is due. I decided on a whim to get tickets based on one Pacha Massive song (“Your Love”), even though I’d listened to Sariñana before and hadn’t been impressed. Pacha Massive did a short set, and had some technical difficulties at one point, but their shit is infectious and I was surprised no one was dancing. I definitely want to see them do a full show in the future, as it left a lot to be desired. The crowd was really pumped for Sariñana (I’ve never seen so many cameras up at a show before), and she gave them what they wanted. Her voice is absolutely incredible, but her music is typical female singer-songwriter fare. She was the perkiest artist I’ve ever seen live, and I surprisingly found that to be endearing rather than annoying. I enjoyed her charango playing, and her performance of “Normal” was the highlight for me.

It was, on the whole, an entertaining show, and Edwin got a picture with the guy who signed DMX. More than you get from most Sunday nights.

Here are videos for “All Good Things” by Pacha Massive and “Normal” by Ximena Sariñana:


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